Our Story

I am Jacques Zolty and the fragrances I create
tell my story as a photographer, model and artist
in love with beauty and nature.

Graffiti Wall

About me

From fashion to photography and art, my life has been more successful than I would have ever thought.
In the 70s, I started off on the fashion catwalks to later become an icon. That opened me the doors to the jet set world where I met some of my closest friends. I then started to contemplate beauty from another angle, wanting to immortalize it.


My art takes form from behind the camera.
After years of posing for the most famous photographers, I felt it was time for me to change path and become a witness, a beholder. To be behind the lens is a privilege. The camera acts as a filter and at the same time it removes it. What you capture comes to life.


Perfumes are a powerful means of expression. They give depth to an image, revive a souvenir and speak a universal language. I started creating fragrances to give my photos a tridimensional characteristic and for my art to carry a message.